Our services

From operational excellence to predictive modelling

Ponthus deploys its consultants at the intersection of organisation, systems and processes. Our expertise focuses on all those areas, which means that you will find everything under one roof, from process optimization to coaching, with the knowledge of IT to make improvements measurable and implementable. Ponthus strives for sustainable improvement in an organizational culture in which people feel comfortable. Job satisfaction also advances performance.

Business Consultancy

Business consultancy is part of management consultancy and can be defined as offering advice and/or implementation services to board or management with the aim of improving the effectiveness of business operations, business strategy and operational processes.

Data Science

Data science is a field that focuses on obtaining insights from data. Using programming skills, statistical knowledge and industry and organizational knowledge to make connections and distil valuable insights.

Future-proof choices

The world is changing rapidly and continuously. For your own business, you will of course keep abreast of all kinds of developments, try to stay ahead and always keep your eye on the future. To also follow all digital developments and to be so familiar with them that you can make the right future-proof choices, that requires a lot from yourself and your employees. Frankly, this work is for specialists. Because the right choices really help your organization move forward quickly. And that has consequences for how your organization functions: whether excellent performance is achievable with the same staff, how the workload develops and what steps your organization can take.

We help you with organize, optimize and innovate your digital transformation. In this way you are assured of the right choices in the field of IT, so that you can make optimal use of your own data and improve your work processes. And you are also assured of a smooth transition to that new way of working for you and your employees.

Issues we solve

  • Our processes do not match well;
  • Our data and information provision are not in order;
  • The cooperation between various departments is not going well;
  • We need a translation of our business strategy into a digital strategy;
  • We want to implement a change in the organization;
  • We want to switch to a new system (ERP, CRM, etc.);
  • We are having trouble translating our business issues into operations;
  • We want to reduce our costs;
  • We want to further specialize our employees in tools;
  • We want to collaborate better by using tools;
  • We are looking for project management support.