The right approach for your sector and organisation

Each market has its own specific requirements and challenges. That is why we work with knowledge and technology aligned to your industry. Our   Consultants are at home in your market, so that we can support you in a targeted manner. In this way, IT helps your organization on the bridge to the future.

Employment services

The labour market is constantly changing. Due to shortages on the labour market, it is becoming increasingly challenging to find and retain good people. Ponthus believes in a sustainable approach to employment services and offers a new vision of the temporary employment sector with motivated employees as a starting point. This is how you create added value in a competitive industry. It is precisely in the temporary employment sector that digitization can be used to increase labour productivity and to connect people with each other. Ponthus offers a contemporary vision on (international) Recruitment and optimizes communication with employees thanks to the use of the Masterapp.


From design to delivery and everything in between: production processes are continuously connected to each other. At Ponthus, we know that real growth requires an integrated approach. We look beyond software solutions and offer digital support that serves people and processes, not the other way around. Ponthus helps you integrate MES with ERP systems and thus get a grip on the processes in your organization. Together with you, we strive for Operational Excellence and determine how process optimization can be translated to the shop floor.

Housing corporations

Within housing corporations, information and qualitative data are becoming increasingly important. By accessing your data, home maintenance is organized more efficiently and the right KPIs and PIs can be controlled. Our specialists have years of experience within the housing industry and help your employees to make data-driven working a reality. Together with PWCo, we developed G.O.U.D. the dashboard solution that gives you control over your data. G.O.U.D. works with existing systems and is focused on indicators relevant to your housing corporation. With the workflow tool RAPP you implement the Three Lines Model in your processes.

Business Services

A lot is possible in the field of IT, but how do you really help your organization and make optimal use of innovations that fit your services? We look at what you need as a customer and which technological developments help you further. Many organizations have a wealth of management information and reports that should provide insight into how departments are performing. However, there is often insufficient insight into how processes are carried out and what the state of performance and compliance is. With process mining you are able to perform correct measurements so that you know what is happening in practice and where bottlenecks lie. We help you with the analysis and interpretation of the data and then transfer the knowledge to the workplace.


How can we continue to provide quality care now and in the future in a changing healthcare landscape? The pressure on healthcare is increasing due to, among other things, an ageing population. On the other hand, new technologies offer opportunities to deliver better care, work more efficiently and keep costs manageable. Our consultants know the specific needs of healthcare and work with you to make IT work for you. Whether it concerns the sharing of data between healthcare institutions, linking electronic health records to electronic client records or the use of new technologies, we look together with you at what works for your organization and your customers.