bring your data to life

Organizations often spend a lot of time gathering the needed information from various responsible parties and stakeholders. Reports are then compiled manually and dragged back and forth between different kinds of Excel files. With RAPP this becomes a thing of the past.

RAPP is the reporting tool which allows you to keep track of all the periodic matters that have not yet been registered anywhere. In addition to figures, explanations, expectations and extra-accountable figures are easily registered and linked to various reports. The result is reliable, efficient reports. All key figures and KPIs stored in one place

Save time and gain a wealth of qualitative information. RAPP implements the Three Lines model in your process

Numbers are brought to live with the RAPP

The standard reporting solution that provides insight
in your processes

RAPP is different from the traditional reporting workflow. The implemented workflow automatically organizes the mandatory reports for your stakeholders by centralizing the data input. The data is instantly available. This allow you to quickly add explanations and expectations to the figures.

The benefits of RAPP

Time saving

Organize more time for analysis by making manual reports a thing of the past


All data and explanations stored in one place


Thanks to the built-in logging function, you gain immediate insight into who has entered what data and when


Approve or reject the entered data and provide immediate feedback in RAPP


RAPP sends messages by mail with feedback or reminders to the users

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Team Information & Automation Heemwonen

Heemwonen team

“RAPP saves us a lot of time and hassle with Excel”
“RAPP lowers the threshold to enter explanations and expectations”
“Ponthus knows how to offer exactly the products that you need”

Manager Finance and Operations

vincio wonen – mattie van de kragt,

“Employees receive an email and access to RAPP in which they have to write down what we asked for earlier. Because RAPP saves everything, you can fall back on it later. I no longer have to chase after the data and the roles and responsibilities are clear for all employees. It gives my colleagues peace of mind and they told me it works much more efficient. No more Excel files, no more copying, just a single place where everything comes together.”