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Within housing corporations, information and qualitative data are becoming increasingly important. By accessing your data, home maintenance is organized more efficiently and the right KPIs and PIs can be controlled. Our specialists have years of experience within the housing industry and help your employees to make data-driven working a reality.

Together with PWCo, we developed G.O.U.D. the dashboard solution that gives you control over your data. G.O.U.D. works with existing systems and is focused on indicators relevant to your housing corporation. With the workflow tool RAPP you implement the Three Lines Model in your processes.

Curious how dashboarding can safe time and realize more insight?

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Heemwonen Team I&A,

“Our collaboration with PWCo, the specialists in the housing corporation sector as part of Ponthus, goes back many years and they are the logical partner for us in every new project. Whether it concerns flexible BI support, setting up data dashboards or the implementation of a new ERP system; they are always there for us and know what is happening in the sector and within HEEMwonen. They react well by offering the right tools, consultants and solutions. But the most important product that Ponthus has used for us is really their knowledge.”

HEEMwonen about the product RAPP,

“The innovative abilities of Ponthus are clearly visible in the reporting tool. We spend a lot of time collecting information from various responsible parties. The collected information was then processed in Excel files. A lot of work and quite prone to errors. RAPP streamlines that process. Employees fill in the figures or explanations and monitoring also takes place in the tool. This makes the whole process faster, more pleasant and above all much more efficient.

Manager Finance and Operations

Vincio Wonen – Mattie van de Kragt,

“Employees receive an email and access to RAPP in which they have to write down what we asked for earlier. Because RAPP saves everything, you can fall back on it later. I no longer have to chase after the data and the roles and responsibilities are clear for all employees. It gives my colleagues peace of mind and they told me it works much more efficient. No more Excel files, no more copying, just a single place where everything comes together.”