Building bridges to boost efficiency


With Ponthus we bridge the gap between knowledge and experience and business and IT. Expertise in business consultancy, data science and software development under one roof with strategic support and change management. An unique combination that sets us apart from our competitors.

We assist you in plotting and realizing your direction. Based on your own data, you can make better choices and anticipate on future developments. If you want to get the right information from your data, we have the knowledge and resources to make it happen. We map out your own work processes better, analyze and make suggestions for improvements, resulting in greater efficiency and overview. You can hold us accountable for the results.

We do not work for you, but with you.

We contribute ideas and help to create support for strategic course changes and change processes. We believe in gradual and sustainable change.

We do what we say. We organise, optimise, innovate and implement in close consultation with our clients. We anticipate developments and are happy to be your long-term discussion partner. We enjoy working and our market-specific knowledge and talents guarantee quality. When it comes to people, we truly shine!

Business Consultancy

Business consultancy is part of management consultancy and can be defined as offering advice and/or implementation services to board or management with the aim of improving the effectiveness of business operations, business strategy and operational processes.

Data Science

Data science is a field that focuses on obtaining insights from data. Using programming skills, statistical knowledge and industry and organizational knowledge to make connections and distil valuable insights.