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The labour market is constantly changing. Due to shortages on the labour market, it is becoming increasingly challenging to find and retain good people. Ponthus believes in a sustainable approach to employment services and offers a new vision of the temporary employment sector with motivated employees as a starting point. This is how you create added value in a competitive industry.
It is precisely in the temporary employment sector that digitization can be used to  increase labour productivity and to connect people with each other. Ponthus offers a contemporary vision on Ponthus offers a contemporary vision on (international) Recruitment and optimizes communication with employees thanks to the efforts of its consultants.

Are you also ready for a sustainable and integral vision on job mediation?
We are happy to help you.

CEO AB Werkt

Jack Janssen,

“When we talked to Jack Vroomen, we were not only impressed by their expertise in the field of work processes, but especially by their view on the labour issue. In order to move forward with digitization and increasing labor productivity in this competitive market, we must enter into cooperation with parties that know our industry. Ponthus is such a party.”

Director Kafra Housing

Robert Kurzak,

“With our growth, our needs in the field of business consultancy and ICT changed. In Ponthus we found a partner who grows with us. We do not have the capacity to hire an entire ICT team and we do not have to. We are now working with Ponthus in various areas.”

IT Director OTTO Work Force

Willem-Jan Herckenrath,

“In addition to the fact that Jack manages his projects well and keeps the goal in mind, he is very pragmatic and practical. He ensures that the people active in the project can focus on their task. Our people learn from Jack, which is why it is also nice that we can let young people from Ponthus gain experience at OTTO. Giving young people opportunities is something that suits both companies and a business friendship.”