Data science

Business intelligence

Data can contribute a lot to process optimization. With the right software and data from information systems, you get an accurate picture of how processes run and where the bottlenecks are located. And so it comes into the picture where the points for improvement are. Not infrequently, this results in the necessary eye-openers. Business intelligence  is aimed at collecting and analyzing information about customers, decision-making processes, competition, market conditions and general economic, technological and cultural trends, with the aim of obtaining decision-supporting information (intelligence). Our consultants will investigate further and will find any underlying questions. What is the real problem that needs to be solved?

BI is about getting a grip on your own data through dashboards and other technical solutions. This way you can better manage your most important KPIs and you always have the most recent data at hand. Of course, it is very important which data you use, whether that data has been transformed in such a way that it can be compared with each other and how that data is presented, so that the information from it is easily readable and usable for management.

We listen very carefully to you as a customer, offer knowledge and insight and make the translation into the solution. We deliver custom made solutions and also take care of the execution, whether it concerns aligning processes, analyzing data and / or creating associated dashboards. We can even set up a complete information provision system.

Working smart means continuously improving. BI helps you with that.

Data Driven Decision Making

Your company has a lot of data, which you use on a daily basis to run your business. The data about the production, the processes, the components of your products, the labor, the use of the necessary equipment, the costs, the market, the contact moments with the customer… Perhaps you combine that with a certain sense of business and your experiences so far. But you may not get the most out of the available data or even assume erroneous assumptions. You wouldn’t be the only one. Often organizations don’t know the possibilities in the field of digitization and smart systems. And where is your data? Has all relevant information been digitised? At what times and how do you use that data, do you continuously analyze the possibilities for improvement? In short, are you really in control of everything that is going on within your company? Ponthus helps you make the right choices based on your own data. Improve your margins.

Process mining

Big Data, Data Mining, Machine Learning, Predictive Analytics. Nowadays you hear a lot of buzzwords about techniques and analyses that you can apply to your data. But what can you do with it?

Often there is a lot of management information and other reports available, which should provide insight into how the organizational processes and departments are performing. But often it turns out that thefactual execution of processes differs from the designed process. However, current reporting and data analysis techniques provide no or insufficient insight into how the process is carried out, only what the result is. What can you do about it? The solution is another beautiful English buzzword: Process Mining. This is a relatively new data analysis technique that uses the aforementioned buzzwords andprovides insight into the actual output on the basis of hard facts, performance and compliance of your processes

Are your business processes actually (still) carried out according to the design? Or are there clear deviations perceptible in the process? By using your data, Ponthus maps the actual output of your process. This gives you insight into possible bottlenecks. To measure is to know!

Ponthus helps you select, implement and apply Process Mining or other Data Science techniques. Our Data Scientists support you with both analyzing and interpreting your data. This creates a market advantage.

Predictive Modelling

Predictive modelling is predicting the possible future situation based on data. That prediction is carried out with mathematical formulas and algebra. The model ‘learns’ which input of data leads to which output. Techniques are applied to data from now and data from the past. This data is used to train the model. Patterns emerge from all that data and based on that, business modelling can take place. Because if you use all that data in combination and use predictive modelling to map out various business aspects, you can adjust your operational, organizational and financial activities to this. And that is much smarter than what still often happens nowadays: drawing conclusions from historical data and one’s own gut feeling.

Do you continuously analyze all the data present within your organization and use this data to predict the future? Based on historical data and using powerful prediction techniques, Ponthus can map the future for you, specifically for your organization.

Software Development

A well-functioning website is a must, there is no discussion about that. You may also need an application with which time-consuming and error-prone processes can be automated. Get a signal in time if maintenance needs to be carried out. Better insight into processes. Get rid of all those forms, with all that work that it takes to scan and type information. Security is of great importance and you always want to be able to access your data. For example, we help you to take the step to new opportunities to get in touch with your customer and exchange data. Think about how many actions, material, errors and time you can save. Not to mention the costs of that. With our applications you get more insight into your own data on which you can base your strategy. This allows you to optimize your processes, use your staff optimally and analyze customer data.

Which application or software is suitable for your organization and industry? Ponthus helps you make the right choices.