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Otto workforce

“Besides the fact that Jack Vroomen manages his projects well and keeps the goal in mind, he is also very pragmatic and practical. He ensures that the people who are active in the project can focus on their tasks. He has an eye for people who need help with their assignment. He has the overview and ensures that everything comes together as planned.”


“You can compare the process we were in with changing bikes without getting off the bike. While we were able to continue with our core processes and innovations, Ponthus made the right technical, functional and organizational choices, prepared the necessary changes and finally lifted us smoothly onto our new bike. You cannot do such a thing by yourself, and Ponthus has fulfilled this mission energetically and with great care.”


”Patrick van Erp and Marko Pavic came in here and took care of all the challenges and projects. They take care of everything that needs to be done, from IT to the process. They are go-getters who can handle resistance very well and have a real impact on the desired situation. I can rely on them and we work well together.”