customer story


Get your data information in order.

Ivonne Lim of WoonInvest explains how the new data dashboards helps them align the management of affordable and good rental properties in Haaglanden. “Better information in less time means more time and attention for the people.”

How a data quality dashboard puts your data in order

“Information starts with good data and data recording and Ponthus/PWCo understands that like no other. As a housing corporation with almost 10.000 units, we have to deal with all kinds of information and many things have to be explained to stakeholders. Luc has extensive experience withing housing corporations and Ponthus/PWCo was the only right partner for setting up our new data quality dashboard.

They ask about our needs before they come up with a proposal and that makes the collaboration very pleasant and smooth. They understand that it’s about more than just the data, but what that data represents. The dashboard that Ponthus/PWCo built for us excels in user-friendliness. Based on our decided criteria, the meter shows whether the data is sufficient (displayed in green) or not (displayed in red). We set the bar high and decided that only at 98% of the data being correct the dashboards shows a green meter. With just the push of a button we can quickly see where improvement is needed in the data and where we are already performing according to the set criteria.

Even more important: we can act directly on the numbers. This gives my colleagues more information in less time. This control automation frees our corporation so that we have more time to do what we stand for: offering good and affordable housing in Haaglanden for the vulnerable and people with a low income.

It is a real challenge to use digitization to your advantage, but Ponthus/PWCo is definitely up to that challenge.”