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Laura metaal

Real growth requires an integrated approach

All organisations want to experience growth But how do you ensure that your organization is ready to facilitate growth and steer it in the right direction? Maurice Husson is Managing Director of Laura Metaal and explains how company-wide growth requires more than just a software solution.

Real growth requires an integrated approach

This is how rethinking and digitization help you to find and bind people

Laura Metaal Staalcenter Maastricht defined an ambitious growth strategy with more aligned work processes. Simultaneously, the company wants to maintain its flexibility towards customers. This requires a critical eye and a company-wide approach. “If you are looking for an integrated solution for your company and not just a software solution, Ponthus is the right place to be,” said Managing Director Maurice Husson.

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“At Laura Metaal, metal coils are processed into sheets in any desired size with great precision. To steer this in the right direction, process optimization is extremely important. We were looking for digital support at the service of our people and our processes, instead of our way of working being at the service of the system. Ponthus has that way of working in its DNA and understands that people in the workplace should be heard first, not last.

Bottom-up changing

“Ponthus started to inventorize: where do you want to be as an organization and what do you have to do to accomplish that? During various discussion sessions with our employees, all processes and bottlenecks were mapped out. By doing so we received in-depth insights and broadly supported solutions. We had to deal with a considerable amount of paper and wasted a lot of time retyping information. By transferring that information into the ERP system, we gained insight and the opportunity arose to better manage the different processes.”

The next steps

“But Ponthus also showed us that process or organizational changes alone were not enough: our current ERP system is not suitable to facilitate this growth process. So we had to take the next step and search for a system that matches our ambitions. Ponthus also plays an important role in the implementation of this new system. Our own IT department does not have all the required knowledge and processes necessary for the release of a new system, but Marko transfers our wishes to the programmers, so that we get solutions that we can really move forward with. This is how Ponthus builds bridges, now and in the future.”