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KARFA housing

From advice to partnership

Building bridges goes step by step and for a growing organization the needs in the field of ICT and Business Consultancy are constantly changing. Robert Kurzak of Kafra Housin talks about the importance of a sustainable partner that grows with your company.

From advice to partnership; Ponthus grows with our needs

As a fast-growing developer and operator, Kafra Housing focuses on housing services for international employees, students, urgent job seekers and status/permit holders. “With the before mentioned growth, our needs in the field of business consultancy and ICT have changed,” says Director Robert Kurzak. “In Ponthus we found a partner who grows with us.”

The search for a suitable system

When Kafra outgrew Excel, Robert sought advice from Ponthus’ Jack Vroomen. “We were searching for a professional system and from an user perspective we knew what we wanted, but we were looking for someone who could also look at the back-end and the bigger picture. With Jack Vroomen from Ponthus, we have someone who can help us purchase the right ICT platforms. He doens’t only look at what is needed in the field of ICT, but he also checks the background and expertise of the sotware developer. Thanks to him, we now have a system that allows us to perform better in our jobs.”

Growing to a partnership, step by step

Kafra Housing started with EveryOffice, a platform that bungalow parks and hotels work with. As ambition for the company grew, so did the need for support in IT and consultancy. “We don’t have the capacity to hire an entire IT department and we don’t have to do that yet. Jack has a lot of knowledge and is now real colleague and part of the Kafra family. We work together with Ponthus in various areas. Not just the integration of our new booking and registration system, but also the next steps to take after that. For example, we now have a CRM system, a data warehouse and we work with Power BI.”

The partnership with Ponthus will continue to evolve in the future, Robert expects. “It is always a matter of weighing what we outsource and what we are going to resolve internally. Wherever our needs lie in the future, our relationship with Ponthus will always remain close.”