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How digitization also helps smaller housing corporations.

Data-driven working only for larger organizations? Smaller housing associations in particular benefit from more efficient working and better monitoring. In a conversation with the Informatization & Automation Team of HEEMwonen, we display the challenges they found solutions for together with Ponthus/PWCo.

Data-driven working for smaller corporations

This is how rethinking and digitization help you to find and bind people

HEEMwonen is a smaller housing corporation with approximately 10.000 units in Kerkrade and Landgraaf. In a conversation with the I&A team, the challenges of a smaller housing corporation and the importanec of the right tools are discussed.

“Our collaboration with PWCo, the specialists in the housing corporation sector as part of Ponthus, goes back many years and they are the logical partner for us in every new project. Their method of working is pragmatic and demand-driven. Our questions and needs are always taken into account. This pragmatic approach and expertise means that Ponthus/PWCo os able to add a lot of value.  Whether it concerns flexible BI support, setting up data dashboards or the implementation of a new ERP system; they are always there for us and know what is going on in the sector and at our company. And they respond to that well by offering the right tools, consultants and solutions.”   

Small organizations, big challenges

“Although our needs change over the years, as smaller housing corporations we face specific challenges. We have the same needs and obligations as larger companies, but with significantly fewer people at our disposal. It is very reassuring that we have a partner who jumps in and supports us where necessary. When we implemented a new ERP system in 2016, Frank Defesche from Ponthus/PWCo assisted us. They subsequently developed the righ data dashboards to monitor the outsourcing of home maintenance and now we are building functional management together. Ponthus/PWCo is flexible, has a lot of knowledge in-house and does not shy away from innovation. 

More time left thanks to the RAPP reporting tool

“The innovative character is clearly visible in the reporting tool. We spend a lot of time collecting information from various responsible parties. The collected information was then processed in Excel files. A lot of work and quite prone to errors. RAPP streamlines that process. Employees fill in the figures or explanations and monitoring also takes place in the tool. This makes the whole process faster, more pleasant and above all much more efficient. 

But the most important product that Ponthus/PWCo has used for us is really their knowledge.”