About us


With Ponthus we bridge the gap between knowledge and experience and business and IT.

Ponthus believes in building bridges and joining forces. Hence is why we have invested into strong partnerships with companies, schools and universities.

Ponthus closely works together with students and invests in social and societal added value (Social Return).



With PWCo we have more than 30 years of combined experience in the housing corporation industry. PWCo is a reliable partner in the innovation of Business Intelligence, consultancy, dashboarding, robotization, setting up KPIs and making reports.

Inside/out media

From communication strategies to developing a new brand identity, and from increasing your online presence to managing your social media platforms, and from video making to publications about your events: Inside/out media has the specialists to support you all the way.

partners OF PONTHUS:

Educational institutes:

Zuyd Hogeschool

Ponthus is a professorship partner of Zuyd University of Applied Sciences in the field of Data Science. Interns from Zuyd University co-operate and conduct research into current issues and developments in the market. For example students from Business Intelligence and Commerce and Economics are attracted. The assignemts are based on challenges arisen from the professional field

Leeuwenborgh and other ROCs

These students support Ponthus with the creation of data dashboards, applications and websites. This gives them the opportunity to practice their skills in the working field, to learn new skills and to participate within an organisation.

Tilburg university

Interns from Tilburg University conduct research at Ponthus into recent developments such as Process Mining. Both parties benefit from these researches.

Fontys hogeschool

Every year, Ponthus organizes several projects for Fontys students research assignments. It provides the students with an interesting insight into work possibilities and on the other hand new insights for Ponthus.

Maastricht university

Trainees from Maastricht University conduct research into recent developments in the IT market, for example in the field of Process Mining and Predictive Modelling.