Who are we?

About us

On january the 1st 2014 at 00.00Jack Vroomen and Patrick van Erp have raised the glass. Not only on the new year, but especially on working together and undertake together!
A good friendship, a healthy portion of entrepreneurial blood and a shared vision on business development: that is the base of Ponthus.

With Ponthus we bridge the gap between knowledge and experience and business and IT.

Our consultants do not work for, but with you as a customer. Our partners and employees are professionals and a good working atmosphere is very important to us. Satisfied people perform better, are driven and take initiatives. We are passioned about our work and as a customer you will experience that.

We believe in gradual and sustainable change. We therefore prefer to take on challenging long-term routes with you and assist you with planning and realizing your course. For example, by make better choices based on your own data, and by better anticipating future developments. We better map, analyse and make proposals to improve your own work processes, with more efficiency and overview as a result. What should you do to increase customer satisfaction and (production) costs down? These are questions that many companies struggle with and with which we can help.

We contribute ideas and help to create support for strategic course changes and change processes. We build bridges between departments, people, processes and systems. We do what we say. We organize, innovate, optimize and implement, together with you. Adoption is the actual, final process change, in which employees in an organization work according to the new way. We guide in all those steps, wherever you want.

A lot of expertise under one roof

At Ponthus you will findexpertise in the field of business consultancy, data science and software development under one roof with strategic support and change management. That combination makes us unique. Our employees and partners always strive for quality by staying involved. Ponthus sees opportunities in problems, solves them and keeps looking forward. We respond to developments and are happy to be your long-term discussion partner. We prefer to do things the right way to help companies and people move forward in their development. Seeing our customers and colleagues grow gives us a lot of positive energy.

People choose us for who we are, for what we do and why we do it. How do we do it? We enjoy our work and our knowledge and talents guarantee quality. Working with people, that’s what we’re good at.

Managing partner

Patrick van erp

Patrick van Erp has been since 1987, after completing the HEAO Business Informatics course,
worked in many different business typologies.
Managing partner

Jack Vroomen

Jack started his career in 1987. He has extensive experience in both the public and private domain.