Connecting IT and Business

"‘I would definitely recommend Jack, but I would rather keep him at OTTO"

Frank van Gool – CEO OTTO

Operational Excellence through IT

"We are really satisfied with the collaboration, Ponthus ensures that things are set in motion"

Dennis – Controller Flestic (Veolia)

Unicorn grip on data

"The result is not only technical, the guidance in the changing process is just as important."

Pieter Spanjers – CEO Unicorn

Ponthus solutions

Operational Excellence

Ponthus supports its customers by organising, optimising and innovating their processes.

Data Driven Decision Making

Ponthus helps you to utilize all your data to make the right decisions.

Predictive Modelling

Ponthus can predict the future for your organisation by using powerful predictive techniques based on your historical data.

Process Mining

Middels uw data brengt Ponthus de werkelijke uitvoer van uw proces in kaart. Hierdoor krijgt u inzicht in mogelijke verbeterpunten om de efficiëntie binnen uw organisatie te optimaliseren.

Change Management

Ponthus has years of experience in changes within businesses. The consultants can implement these changes and will give you all the needed guidance to succesfully do so.

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