LC Packaging opts for Cirmar circular application line

Cirmar – applications to support global circular products and systems – is proud to announce that LC Packaging has chosen to implement the so-called C_applications in its quest to minimise the waste and preserve raw materials related to its packaging products on a global scale

LC Packaging – international producer and distributor of flexible packaging – aims to reduce its waste production with 40% by 2022, and to minimise the waste related to its packaging on a global scale. Ideally working towards a zero-waste situation.
LC Packaging believes that achieving sustainable goals, such as the Sustainable Development Goals (UN) is a chain responsibility, in which partnership between producers, distributors and (end-)users is key. The Cirmar applications are an integrated part of its journey towards circular solutions, through the identification of a products composition, giving transparency over a supply cycle and by visualising the positive impact of LC Packaging’s circular products and systems and the customers position on its roadmap towards circular transport packaging.

About LC Packaging
LC Packaging is a family owned producer and distributor of packaging based in the Netherlands, with plants for FIBCs and cardboard packaging in Europe, Africa and Asia. It has more than 95 years of experience, a turnover of 181 million euros in 2018 and over 1,500 employees. With sales offices, plants and warehouses in 16 countries, LC Packaging specialises in on-time deliveries from stock and tailormade sustainable packaging product to industry and agricultural business worldwide.

About Cirmar
Cirmar is an initiative of Ponthus and FBBasic. Together with partners, Cirmar establishes applications to support global circular products and systems, growing towards a circular economy. To identify, to track and to communicatie. No circular products without circular systems.